CM Prosthetics is a comprehensive laboratory service focusing on the fully edentulous patient, but offers solutions for single tooth and partially edentulous applications as well.

Implant Supported Prostheses

  • CM Ceramic Prosthesis
  • CM Acrylic Prosthesis
  • CM Fusion Prosthesis
  • CM All-Acrylic Prosthesis (Provisional)
  • Retread of Existing Framework
  • Overdenture
  • AvaDent™ Fully Milled Hybrid
  • AvaDent™ Retread of Existing Framework

Removable Prostheses

  • Traditional Complete Denture
  • AvaDent™ Complete Denture

CAD/CAM Crown and Bridge

  • Custom Abutments
  • Single Crowns

Treatment Planning / Guided Surgery